WHY BE AVERAGE? (When you can be bold.)



A Vivacious & Vibrant Day Planner

Where procrastination & play are the new productive.

Live your life larger than large. Go ahead … Drive your Aston Martin to Target. Take your Gucci bag on the bus. Wear your diamonds to walk your dog. EXAGGERATE THE EVERY DAY.

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Erika Lyremark


Erika is the mastermind, CEO, Whipstress, and Glamorous Business Guide behind The Daily Whip.

Showing early entrepreneurial skills when she let her brother throw a pie in her face for $5, Erika wheeled and dealed her way through high-school, moved to Seattle, earned degrees in Women Studies and Apparel Design, and spent serious stiletto time swinging around a stripper pole.

After documenting her experiences in the best selling book, Think Like A Stripper, Erika now runs her empire from a secret location. Leisure activities include drinking green smoothies, eating take-out with her hunky husband, and texting the Bugatti headquarters with suggestions on what to call the next generation of sports coupes. The Lyremark, of course.

Learn more about Erika here.


Shauna Haider


Shauna is a creative director, graphic designer and blogger residing in Portland with her very tattooed husband Joey, fluffy white puppy Rocky and the holy terror of her household, a pet squirrel named Chubs (yes, you read that correctly).

They live inside a cuckoo clock – no, make that ‘a Bavarian-themed house’, built in 1928.

Wielding a razor-sharp sense of style, Shauna is the mastermind behind boutique design studio We Are Branch and has worked with Fortune 500 companies plus hundreds of small businesses. No job is too large or too small — Shauna has ideas for them all. Just don’t dis the squirrel.

Leisure activities include collecting designer shoes, hoarding cacti and memorizing fun facts from celebrity Wikipedia pages.

Learn more about Shauna here.

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